Pocket Roulette

Pocket Roulette 1.0

Test your luck on the spin of a wheel


  • Fun to play
  • Neatly presented
  • Safe way of betting


  • Bug where odds and evens are mixed up
  • No save game option


There's a famous quote that says: "the safest way to double your money is to fold it in half". Actually, there's an even safer way - play Pocket Roulette on your Palm and you'll get all the fun of winning in a Casino without any of the losing.

Pocket Roulette is just like having a real roulette table on your PDA. You start with $1,000 in chips, which you need to place on the table according to what you want to bet on. For instance: all red, all black, odds, evens, individual numbers, etc.

Once you've laid all the bets you want to make, you just tap the 'Spin' button and the wheel will start to spin with the 'ball' rattling around in it. A window above the wheel display records the history of all the numbers that have come out so far.

Pocket Roulette is nicely presented with neat graphics and sound. There only things that annoyed me were the fact that you can't save your game, and a strange quirk/bug whereby selecting 'Odd' from the table highlights the 'Even' numbers. This means that if you want to bet on an odd number you must put your chip on the 'Even' square. Weird.

Apart from these curious glitches, Pocket Roulette makes for a fun and safe way to gamble on the tables.

Pocket Roulette


Pocket Roulette 1.0

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